Rise is an audience growth service that advertises your original content and allows new fans to follow, subscribe, and engage with your content on many social media platforms. Every Rise campaign is overseen and managed by an in-house social growth expert.

Once you have created an account and paid for your campaign, your campaign will be moved into our advertising pipeline. From there, our team of audience growth experts setup paid advertising, content, and incentives to position your content for targeted audiences. This increases your exposure, visits, and engagement across social platforms of your choice.

Rise is a great fit for artists/producers, video creators, entertainers, brands, influencers, and more.

Rise reaches tens of millions of people per month through targeted, paid advertising on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and more.

Yes. All of the visitors are real people who have shown interest in viewing or engaging with your original content.

We are currently open to the public and no application is necessary.


Campaigns typically last 30 days, but may be shorter or longer depending on your specific details.

Shared campaigns are a great option for those looking to build their audience affordably. Shared campaigns group Actions with similar campaigns. For example, if you are a singer-songwriter, you will be grouped with similar artists. This allows the cost to be lower and still achieve great results.

This will not affect the number of Actions offered in your campaign and you will still reach the chosen goals.

Dedicated campaigns are for those looking for the highest quality audience growth and targeting. These campaigns are premium and feature an exclusive focus on your content, actions, and brand. This includes more accurate targeting and results in a higher quality audience.

We do not sell followers, subscribers, listeners, viewers, or any other specific outcomes. However, we guarantee “Actions”, which are calculated based on the package and budget you choose.

Actions are how we measure the results of a campaign. Typically, Actions are clicks that result in direct traffic to your social profiles and/or content, but it is up to a viewer to decide if they follow or engage. In situations where the social platforms allow it, an action will directly result in a follower, subscriber, or specific activity (i.e. song save on Spotify, or a follow on Twitter).

Rise believes in incentivizing audiences for taking time from their day to check out your content. You’re asking a lot of someone to follow you on multiple platforms, watch your videos, listen to your music, or check out your brand. For this, we facilitate contextual giveaways and rewards. I.e. if you are promoting music content, we may give away headphones. The more time a fan spends engaging with your content, the more likely they are to be rewarded.

No. Rise may be a fit for early stage as well as established profiles.

Rise campaigns are tracked with internal analytics tools to ensure you are getting the results from your campaign. Even if you have other paid or organic growth simultaneously, your results will be tracked separately with Rise.

Rise provides a results report at the end of each campaign delivered to you through email or the dashboard. Currently, Rise is Beta testing live dashboards so you can view the results of your campaigns real-time. Note: live dashboards may not be available for every campaign.

No, we will never ask for your passwords or directly access your accounts. We may request “token access” to certain social platforms to collect analytics data, but this does not allow access into your account.


Every Rise campaign budget is fully inclusive: Setup cost, advertising spend, campaign oversight, and analytics/reporting. There are no additional or hidden costs.

Unfortunately, due to the hard cost of advertising to acquire your new audience, there are no free trials.

You may request a refund prior to starting a campaign. Once a campaign has started, the budget is committed for the duration and cannot be refunded.

We accept major credit cards, direct bank transfers, and PO# upon approval.

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