Multi-Platform Social Growth

Acquire fans who take action on multiple platforms.

Multi-Platform Social Growth

Acquire fans who will follow you on multiple platforms.


TikTok Growth
Snapchat Growth
Podcast Subscribers
Podcast Downloads

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Instagram Growth

Follower Growth
Increased Engagement
Likes, Bookmarks, Shares

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Spotify Growth

Fan Acquisition
Release Awareness
Pre-Save Campaigns
Song Saves

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YouTube Growth

Subscriber Growth
TrueView Campaigns
Increased Engagement

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Twitter Growth

Follower Growth

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Podcast Growth

Visit Podcast
Download Episode
Podcast Video Views
Follow Podcast Socials

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More Growth

Email Subscribers
Facebook Messenger
Website/Link Visits

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Guaranteed With Every Campaign

Rise makes social growth easy. Every campaign includes the key components to acquire new fans for your brand.

  • Content Strategy
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Specialized Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics & Reporting

Always Included

Every Rise campaign is monitored by a team member to ensure things are going well. From campaign setup to the final report, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your results.

Ad Powered

Our campaigns are powered by paid advertising monitored by our in-house ad experts.

Original Content

Rise uses your original video and photo content to acquire interested visitors that are interested in you.


Target specific social platforms to give fans the ability to follow and engage on multiple platforms.

Quick Traction

Campaigns typically begin showing results within 24 hours of going live.


Rise handles everything, you can stay focused on creating content while your audience grows.

Rewards Fans

Rise rewards fans with contextual gifts or incentives for spending time engaging with your content.

Analytics & Reporting

Every campaign includes a dashboard sharing real-time status and key results.


Reach out to the Rise team for support through your campaign dashboard.

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