Step 01

Create The Perfect Campaign

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to access and create and customize campaigns from your dashboard. First, you will:

  • Select Campaign Type (Single or Monthly)
  • Pick Campaign Goals (Ex: Follow on Spotify)
  • Set Budget, Start Date, and Options
  • Provide Links and Creative Assets

You’ll start seeing results within 24 hours of your campaign going live.

Step 02

Rise Promotes Your Content

Rise utilizes paid social advertising (Facebook & Instagram Ads) to show your content to people who can become followers/subscribers and engaged fans.

  • Rise Growth expert oversees every campaign
  • Includes advertising costs
  • Promotes your original content
  • You choose keywords and targeting
  • No hidden fees
Step 03

Fans Discover You and Watch Your Content

Reach new fans who are interested and searching for content like yours. We present your social profiles and content and incentivize them to check out more.

  • Reach fans of similar creators or brands
  • Fans are rewarded for discovering your content
  • Increase brand awareness
Step 04

Grow Followers, Listeners, Viewers, and Engagement

New fans click through to your social media profiles and willingly become engaged fans across multiple platforms. Your following will diversify to grow on multiple platforms and fans see your content more frequently.

  • Grow your followers and subscribers
  • Increase likes, comments, and engagement
  • Convert passive viewers into engaged fans
  • Boost algorithm results
  • Collect opt-ins and personal information
Step 05

Reports and Analytics Delivered To You

Shortly after your campaign is complete, you’ll receive a notification to view a detailed campaign report. Have a question or need an update during your campaign? No worries, you’ll be able to submit support tickets through your dashboard.

  • Detailed campaign report
  • Includes reach, growth, and analytics per platform
  • Delivered by email and available in your account after campaign
  • Support system available during your campaign

Ready to start your campaign?